The problem with humanity, both on a historical basis and in real-time today, appears to stem from the tendency of ‘normal’ man to create cliques based on duality and an 'Us vs. Them' mode of thinking. This is a trap, for the free-thinker understands that as opposed to ‘black and white’ there are in fact many shades of grey. Normal man is petrified of standing alone and having an opinion that deviates from the social construct he or she may find themselves in. Indeed, the desire to be accepted and to be social is one that is inherent to human nature, but also deeply damaging and restrictive in terms of personal growth and development. The consequences are severe, and can create an atmosphere that often leads to war and untold tragedy and death. This is because people forego their own thoughts and opinion for those of the herd, this is known as ‘group think’ and it is not grounded in rationality. The result is a tendency to divide and split into two groupings and so forth, and conflict naturally ensues.


The solution to this issue would be to unshackle oneself from the expectations of social constructs, the desire to be accepted, and to live free according to your own thoughts and doctrine, and to voice them without fear. If everyone lived in such a way there would be stability.


To conclude on this piece, in today's environment please be careful that you don't fall into the duality trap. It is really very dangerous and makes no sense whatsoever. Thanks.

'Left wing right wing chicken wing' ~ Woody Guthrie 

~ G McK 

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