Suddenly he awoke; and rubbing his eyes it took a long time before he realised that he was happy.

And as the sun began to look familiar, God came to him and said:

‘Son, the wheat has been separated from the chaff, so go in peace for Ye Must Be Born Again. And do not concern yourself with the opinions of yesterday’s men, for they are so easily swayed by hearsay and lies; and unthinking and unknowing, their souls shall burn in disgrace.’

And with that life was something to live and no longer something to endure. And as he ran into the morning sun he said to himself softly, ‘this is my home.’

And the people on the street were smiling and friendly, and the sun burned like an old friend.

And an old man passed by on a bicycle - knowing all there was to know. 


~ Gamhain MacCionaoith

mí Bealtaine, 2022

Na Cealla Beaga, Éire