Falling asleep behind the wheel from Arranmore to Killybegs

The road turned but the car did not

Left side into a culvert dropped

I regained control with two working wheels

Oh my heart did flutter and did reel

I took the next left up a stoney hill

To see the back of a barn by an old mill

I got out to test my charms, to meet a working man on his farm

After a few questions he was satisfied, with my story and soul inside 

He signalled to drive up to the front, and so I did without a punt 

It was a mechanics workshop and we started to talk, I couldn't believe the luck I sought 

And putting my faith in the Gael, I just knew I could not fail

I met his elderly father and his blind dog, and although I thought the dog could see, the old man smiled and said it's a mystery 

If I went back to find that place it would surely be gone, but I'll remember the blind dog and that old mans eyes, something special did happen I can only surmise 

So there but by the Grace of God, or I would be carrying a rusty hod

(straight through the gates of Hell) 


~ G McK