Oh poor Cathal Brugha

Age n’ear defeated you

Mick described you posthumously

‘As brave and as brainless as a bull’

Both opposing personalities as North is to South

Oh Cathal Brugha

A wise and old Fox were you

To hobble on the Dáil

Defending our insurmountable right to Ireland’s might

Oh to warn Tans before a shot

Such chat rejected and ye old man cast aside naive by younger pups

Who failed to see your pride in Ireland and the need for morality in the madness of war

While ye pledged to wipe out the cabinet should conscription take us to our knees

Such ideas rejected as farcical

Shame on those men

Oh Cathal Brugha ye so stern and solemn

And struck down by an Irish man

Oh Cathal.


~ G McK

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