The New Left: the wrong cultural revolution

As I sit in my car listening to the news on a daily basis one would be forgiven for thinking that we lived in an era of economic liberty and bourgeoisie decadence; one where there was no cost-of-living crisis, housing crisis, suicide epidemic nor homelessness or poverty. Rather, and according to mainstream media, our primary concerns should focus on what may or may not cause offence to our fellow citizens, and whether things like smoking should be banned in public parks and bus stops. For such things must be of paramount importance compared to the real economic strife, oppression and torment of our fellow man.


Yes, for in modern society we have become unsheathed as a species, lost our sense of humour and live in a world where walking on egg shells is the norm. In this regard there is a clear epidemic of fragile narcissism and entitlement at play. We are more concerned about saying the right thing as opposed to doing the right thing and in not offending the other or oneself.  Such an outrageous circumstance can only be attributed to the growth of neo-liberalism and ideals of ‘The New Left’ which has spawned a cultural revolution that has been embraced by governments, elites and multinational corporations the world over. But what constitutes The New Left and why is it a problem?


The New Left has subverted genuine Left wing politics and therefore abandoned all economic and working class issues to find itself solely concerned with embracing identity politics, cancel culture and in defending so-called minority rights. Indeed, it has been brought about by a strata of the middle and upper class who have no experience of genuine hardship or an understanding of history, class disparity and oppression. Instead they choose to focus on and inflame racial and sexual prejudices that have long since been put to bed and resolved, assisted so by movements such as ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) and other entities. Indeed, on the face of it, it is very hard to argue with the slogan Black Lives Matter because it is an irrefutable one, precisely because black lives do matter. In this way, such an entity can only really be one dimensional in thinking for in reality ‘All Lives Matter’, and therefore it can be argued that such movements actually increase and inflame prejudice and tensions as opposed to alleviating them.


Another movement that brings with it similar problems is the LGBTQ+ movement. Naturally it is only right and just that people can live according to their sexual identity without fear of discrimination or unfair treatment. Yet, on closer inspection the LGBTQ+ movement, having for the most part achieved social freedom and equality for it’s members, has now developed into a carnival of sorts where sexual promiscuity and questionable educational practices are forced upon the public and our children. In this regard, nobody is allowed to question or disagree with their agenda as in doing so you run the risk of grave social and perhaps economic reprisals. Yet, in reality there are in fact many homosexual, bisexual or transgender people who disagree completely with the dogma and narratives spewed out from LGBTQ+ events and literature, and they feel such content vastly misrepresents, sexualises and objectifies what is in fact a normal human trait and benign issue.


By embracing such movements at the expense of all else, The New Left brings with it no possibility of genuine change or improvement in the standard of living for ordinary people regardless of creed, sexuality or race. Instead The New Left is solely interested in weaving the fabric of social norms and influencing how people think and interact with the world around them. This is done by invoking a militant agenda of political correctness based upon identity politics and neo-liberalism that incorporates, but is not limited to: gender roles, environmentalism, gay rights, radical feminism, immigration and racial issues. Another telling feature is that it strives to erradicate free speech and thereby discourage any form of rational debate on the issues at hand. In short, people are not allowed to disagree or challenge the narrative in any way, otherwise face the consequences. In this way the ultimate goal is a divisive one designed to create an atmosphere of collective paranoia, shame and guilt.


To conclude, by now it is obvious that The New Left has seeped into every facet of our daily lives. An outcome that would not have been possible unless it had been fully amalgamated into the inner workings of government, education, media and business. And it is through these means that it will seek to infantilise, divide, coddle and control the people of all nations by turning the state into a parent, and by doing so it will eradicate the traditional family unit and separate mother from child.


~ Gamhain MacCionaoith

mí na Samhna, 2022

Na Cealla Beaga