1. People do not want what is best for you. They only want what is best for themselves and for you, not for you individually.
  2. Never pander or try and prove your worth to anyone. If you catch yourself doing this such people are not worth your time and should be cut out of your life immediately.
  3. Nobody can be trusted completely. People will usually try and do what they think is best for you as opposed to what you believe is best for you.
  4. Do not be shackled by other people or their expectations, cut people off if you need to.
    There is a great difference in being alone and being lonely.
  5. Life is sometimes unfair and the world we live in is a malevolent power struggle, get used to it.
  6. Always be a good person but be willing to be ruthless when it is needed.
  7. Welcome and develop a spiritual dimension to your life. Faith is just as important as the air we breathe for sustenance.
  8. Friendship not done diligently can be a dangerous thing and rarely lasts as long as one thinks. Becareful and weary of bonds that appear too good to be true. Do not trust people willingly.
  9. Avoid getting involved in groups and becareful of ideologies as they may stunt your independent growth and deny free-thinking.
  10. Get an education and work hard so then you can relax or play hard the rest. Without an education you will not get far in this world; nobody respects stupidity.
  11. Don’t lose yourself in alcohol and drugs.
  12. Never trust the benevolence of the system or mass media. Think for yourself and question everything. 
  13. Be nice to people. Smile.


~ G McK

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