The March the 8th referendum on redefining the Irish constitutions definition on care and family saw a landslide victory for the No camp. But this was much more than a simple vote in opposition to the matters at hand, rather this was a resounding refusal by the people of Ireland to accept the sickness that has been forced upon the nation. In essence the people of Ireland have laid down the gauntlet and said, ‘enough is enough and no more down this road shall we go, come what may’. For let us be clear about this, the amendments to the constitution on care and family were marketed solely by the government as a means to do away with sexist and out dated language, but the actual ramifications of such changes would have been vast and far reaching, effectively chipping away at the very fabric of society. 


In the aftermath it is obvious that the weighting of the results took all major parties by surprise and shook the foundations of government to it’s very core. Yes, there can be no doubt that FG/FF/SF/GP/PBP all campaigned for a ‘Yes’ vote. Indeed, in the weeks leading up to the vote the radio and news media was non-stop in attempts to persuade, coerce and cajole the Irish nation to the merits of a Yes vote. Thankfully, all such parties must now know how grossly out of touch they are with the nation and the mood of the Irish people. The old guard of FF/FG who have dominated Irish politics for close to a hundred years must be shaking in their boots, and surely must be left wondering what poison did they willingly let into their ranks. 


I mean what did they think was going to happen? Are the people in power really that naïve? The fact is the government, state media and the NGO’s had adopted and embraced a policy of ‘cancel culture’ and ultra woke identity politics for a long time now. And it was while in that grip of psychosis that they decided to brand ordinary Irish people as far right or racist for having even the most basic of concerns on housing, health care and the future impact of uncontrolled immigration into Ireland. This is something the Irish people will never forget or forgive. Especially considering the fact that most of those raising such concerns were in fact apolitical. 


Yet the dogs on the street now know that while the government and their lackeys spoke of humanitarian aid and philanthropy they were lining their pockets from the entire process. Where did all this money come from to pay hoteliers a fortune for converting hotels to refugee camps? And what about the grants and tax reliefs given to businesses for employing migrants who can then be paid a lower wage compared to Irish workers? Or what about the inordinate pressures put on small villages in rural Ireland who were already operating at full capacity in terms of local education and health care resources? Clearly, throughout all of this the Irish working class took a hit and it was through the referendum on March the 8th that they finally found their voice. For the people are now all too aware that the Irish Government is only a vassal for EU imperialism and the interests of the Neo Liberal capitalist in Ireland. 


Of course this was all preventable, and it was clear from the very outset that the governments ‘knee-jerk’ and ‘act now and think later’ policies were grossly naïve and misguided. For had it been measured and balanced they would surely not be in the precarious position they now find themselves in. Worst of all they would not have created a political vacuum that is now ripe for the plucking by far right elements who speak of nothing but ridiculous notions of plantations and invasions. Yes, perhaps that is the governments biggest crime of all, in not having the foresight to give the Irish people a reasonable option. I do hope there is one. 


~ Gamhain MacCionaoith

mí Marta, 2024

Bun Dobhráin, Éire

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