Appropriate and well-thought out levels of restrictions are needed to curb the spread of coronavirus, this is a fact; but this can only bring the virus infection rate within an acceptable range, the virus will not go away, therefore a balanced and moderate approach to restrictions is required.


To explain: if we focus all existing resources in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus (a single variable) we risk destabilising every other variable at our disposal. In other words, if we fix one problem at the hindrance of all existing resources we create several problems in the not so distant future: high unemployment rates, a mental health and suicide epidemic, increased drug and alcohol addictions, homelessness and closure of local businesses etc., and it is unlikely that residual resources will be able to provide an adequate buffer for recovery.


Finally, when the restrictions are lifted, if they ever will be, one must ask oneself will our previous way of life be restored at the same level of personal freedom and autonomy as before? Probably not. Therefore, because the virus can only be curbed and not eliminated, surely then this amounts to some degree of social control and behavioural modification. Stay safe. 




Gowain Reid Patrick McKenna

M.Phil. M.Sc BEng (Hons).