An old woman smiled at me today

Her eyes were dark and misty grey

Her cracked face awoke my sorrow

Gone until tomorrow


I can travel one million miles

But I’ll always be the same inside

I seemed to have died long ago

Now a ghost nobody knows


There’s a pattern in everything

The path of a snail or a clouds ring

A flock of birds traverse the sky

The one that leads will probably die


Midnight has came and went

It’s hard to sleep when your life has been spent

So another tin of cider and some apple pie

Until I see another pair of eyes


(eyes that cannot know me too well)


Purity is all we need

The jump of a cat or a dog off a lead

There are no hidden messages there

No misunderstandings


To be an animal is to be free

From the likes

Of you

And from me



~ G McK


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