It happened again

I have only just recovered

To write these lines

To try and put it all behind

Until the next fucking time


Oh that cruel loss of control

Ian Curtis in a fishbowl

In that moment, time and space

I look on from above

Hand without glove

Helpless and drowning with every thought, sight and sound


Threatening eyes pierce into my soul

Could they all possibly know?

How something so simple

Could derail the strongest principle

In any event it is of no real consequence


And while I strike, stammer and bellow

At all the poor fellows

On telephones and behind customer service screens

Oh how I know it is obscene

Not a very nice dream


So, I just want you all to know

Thank you for the patience and understanding

While I am being so demanding

It is not who I am

For I am just a man with a demon in my palm


Now as it has passed I lie here fatigued

With little recourse or reprieve

But I have learned to accept that this is the natural way of things

That storm passing in my brain

Apologies in the morning to be given without warning, and only if at all required.


~ G McK