Stepping Stones 

As I grow older I have realised what is most important to you and to me. And although my militancy still remains; perhaps a lost forgotten cause had been replaced by something much more worthwhile.

And as I look over this Donegal harbour on a cool Summer morning I suddenly belch out a guttural cry:


Up the NHS yeooooooooooo


Ah Yes. That is my new battle cry; a real cause worth fighting and dying for: a social health care system in the South of Ireland. For such a vision can only ever be a rallying point for all the masses in this ‘Free’ Irish State.

So in this regard I will arm my secret volunteer army to march on Leinster house, and we will shoot any aristocrats or civil servants who so happen to stand in our way - against this beautiful cause for dignity and social freedom. And all the Irish people will stand gallantly behind us. 

And sure who knows - a United Ireland could very well be next.

So perhaps Mick Collins was right afterall: the Irish people do need stepping stones.


~ Gamhain MacCionaoith

mí Iúil 2022

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