In this piece I will put it to the reader that the conditions of today have destroyed the potential for political change, individual freedom and collective liberation. We are now at the mercy of globalists and corporate interests, and still all this is done in the name of the so-called common good and for public health. You all have a short memory and you have nobody to blame but yourselves. So let me tell you straight where you have went wrong and what you have failed to grasp.


Perhaps the greatest pain in life is the pain that comes with trying to avoid pain. This relates especially to today’s safety obsessed culture where ridiculous narratives supersede all rational and objective thought. You have given up your inalienable human rights and turned yourselves into animals just to have peace of mind and to live a life of apparently less risk.


Just when I thought the human race couldn’t get any worse you go and stupefy yourselves on mass media and elitist propaganda, only then to bend the knee to pharmaceutical giants, who suddenly have your best interests at heart! You have allowed your people to be cowed into mindless submission and driven mad by fear-led propaganda. You have accepted medical tyranny and discriminatory practices in the face of a risk that was and is minimal. You fail to see that the true horror of a dystopian nightmare will come solely from your knee-jerk reaction to events and not in your ability to deal with them.


You have crawled back into the womb and you have turned the government and the elites into Mother and into Father. You have allowed the nation and its people to be divided and infantilised. You have acted in a way that would be considered treacherous, ludicrous and insane only a handful of years earlier. You have blindly ran into the needles of an experimental vaccine that has been shown not to work. You have accepted vaccination passports and the normalisation of discriminatory practices. You love your government more than you love thy neighbour.


You naively believe that the system has your best interests at heart. As tax payers and workers you have sacrificed your freedom to socialise and to go where you want and when you want. You are willing to discriminate and snitch on your neighbour on the basis of a personal medical decision. You have destroyed the concept of medical confidentiality to alleviate your own psychotic paranoia. You have destroyed the lives and education of children and young people who were at zero risk of harm in the first place.


You have forgotten about every other illness under the sun. You have forgotten that hospitals are places where people go to die. You have forgotten that you are not God and that you will never obtain a zero-infection rate with a coronavirus strain. You have forgotten that you cannot interfere with the way of the world and that you will not live forever. In short, you are not Peter Pan!


The tragedy is that for the first time in Irish history the people are afraid to take to the streets, to demand their freedom and to rebel. Tell me: what has happened to the likes of the men and women from 1798 to 1916 who rose up against tyranny, oppression and discrimination amidst plague and famine?

Today we are afraid to march for Irish unity in case someone goes to hospital with a bug.
While yesterday we were willing to spill blood in the defence of freedom against tyranny and oppression. Take me back to yesterday!