When all is said and done politics is just a waste of time. This is especially the case in modern Ireland where most people are comfortable enough not to take-up armed rebellion.

In reality, social change is just like the weather and politics has no real or genuine influence over it. Rather, politics seeks to interfere, dampen and destroy genuine social movements; to capitalize from them by transferring the power from the hands of the many to the few. 

Perhaps the only purpose politics has is to maintain the status-quo amongst sections of the population whose opinions differ on governance and nationality.

I simply have no time for it anymore. So perhaps the most revolutionary thing one can do is to reject it in all it's forms, to stop playing the game and to be apolitical; and maybe then we will see progress as a country, and remove the bastards from power so we might just extricate ourselves from this madness. 

Left-wing, right-wing, chicken wing.

~ G McK

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